Brothersoft Pay-Per-Download (PPD)
Maximum download with the minimum input
Brothersoft PPD Introduction
Brothersoft Pay-Per-Download (PPD) is a software download network to promote your software. You must pay to use PPD. We have about 500,000 software searches every day. You select special keywords and your software will be promoted so your software will be found by our potential users much faster. PPD charges for each time your software is downloaded. You can control your promotion with complete flexibility to gain the maximum return
Brothersoft PPD Modules includes: Adding keywords, Keyword management, Account management, Statistics Report, and Payment.(Please check Brothersoft PPD Help)
Brothersoft PPD Feature
The search tools for PPD keyword management provided by Brothersoft include two enquiry methods:
Current bid - a good tool to know your competitors.
To check the current bid situation comparing you and your competitors help you learn more about the rank trend and better promotion adjustment.
Correlative keyword - a good tool for keyword selecting
System will list other hot keywords closely related with your keyword, which will help you expand your promotion.
PPD Application Process
You can use Brothersoft PPD if you already have an author account or you may register for one.
Please register your author account in If you already have an author account and uploaded software, please login directly.
Choose our Pay Per Download in the left options column and click it
Choose Payment option for opening a PPD account and make sure there is software in your account.
Please choose your software to promote and submit your keywords. They will then be processed for approval, and you will be notified of the outcome.
Keyword management
Keywords management is convenient for users to manage their keyword classification. It’s more convenient and efficient to batch edit(edit many at once) or delete keywords by using keyword management.
The minimum fee for opening a Brothersoft PPD account is $50 without any time limitation and the minimum fee per download is $0.02.
Brothersoft PPD Report
We offer the Statistics Report service for checking how many users search your keyword each day as follows:
Select the Statistics Report type you need and you’ll have the Statistics Report of the bid rank and issue promotion.
1.Statistics Report per day:
Check all the keyword total consumption process per day.
2.Statistics Report per day per keyword:
Check all the keyword consumption process per day.
3.Total keyword Statistics Report:
Check each keyword cumulating consumption process.
4.Appointed keyword:
Check the keyword being appointed cumulating consumption process.
Please don't hesitate to contact if you have any problem.