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What is PAD?

PAD (Portable Application Description) is a new standard of passing program information that make easier the registration of programs for the authors, but it also should enable the archive administrators to update the programs automatically.

In order to use the advantages of PAD, you must produce a PAD-file (.xml) for each of your programs. Then, you can register your programs only with the information of the URL of the PAD-file and the wished category in the archive.

All programs, registered by a PAD-file, are checked automatically on topicality at least once a week and are updated if necessary! So, you do not have to worry about updates anymore, just register new programs in the archive. But keep an eye on not changing the URL of the PAD-file and, if it nevertheless should be necessary once, you should change it as fast as possible in the authors-area, so the program data can be updated automatically.

By doing, in the future it will only be necessary - so the thought of PAD -, for the author to update the data in the PAD-file and upload it again. The updating in the archives then will take place automatically.

How can I get it?

For producing your PAD-files in a simple way, you may use this free tool for best results:

You can find further information about PAD at:

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